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What is ISU and gISU?

The ISU for “Production and Functionality” is the total merit index that is used in France for ranking bulls according to the French breeding goal. As soon as genomic information is available, gISU can be computed.

What are the benefits of using ISU?

ISU is a balanced breeding goal that aims at creating cows with a high production level of milk and protein and with the ability to spend many lactations in the herds. ISU allow to select on functional morphology.

How to understand ISU?

  • 95% of the bulls of the Holstein animals evaluated in France have breeding values between 66 and 144.
  • This means that bulls with a proof over 144 represent the top 2.5% of the breed.
  • Breeding values on the French scale have an average of 100 and a genetic standard deviation of 22.

Who is responsible for estimation and publication of breeding values?

  • GENEVAL is computing genomic breeding values on a weekly basis for more than 30 single traits and 7 groups of traits, including calving traits.
  • IDELE is responsible for the publication of official breeding values.
  • VALOGENE is responsible for the distribution of unofficial genomic breeding values, for all males and females with a genotypes, every week.

Where do you search for the ISU of a specific sire?

ISU and all other breeding values calculated by INRA can be found on the IDELE official website.

Where do you find more information on French proofs?



gISU: 6 groups of traits

The ISU is composed of breeding values for 6 groups of traits with their respective weights:



Press publication

Press publication of the official breeding values takes place 3 times a year on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 8th of April 2020
  • Wednesday 12th of August 2020
  • Wednesday 2nd of December 2020