A global presence, a wide portfolio of breeds and management products

About CRV

An international enterprise in the field of cattle improvement

CRV is more than just a cattle improvement company. Established in 1874 CRV has a history going back more than 145 years. At its core, CRV is a customer-focused co-operative owned by more than 25,000 farmers from The Netherlands and Flanders and is fully committed to adding value for farmers.

CRV is one of the leading cattle improvement companies in the world with offices and bull barns in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the US, Canada, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. In the other countries of the world CRV is represented by many distributors. In one year, 11 million doses of semen are sold across the globe.


Cattle improvement according to CRV

CRV offers farmers the most diverse and complete package of breeding and management products and services. For every breeding goal CRV can deliver matching genetics. Farmers can choose from a wide portfolio of breeds as well as a wide choice of bulls within each breed. This freedom of choice in unequalled in the world of herd improvement. The activities of CRV also include collection and processing of herd data, milk recording, herd book activities, on-farm services, management products and the publishing of specialised magazines.

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Key facts

  • Headquarters: Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Members: >25,000 in Netherlands - Flanders
  • Annual sale: 11 million doses
  • Offices and bull barns in 13 countries
  • Distribution: 60 countries
  • Dairy breeding program: Holstein (Black and White, Red), Jersey, Gir, Girolando




With 5 business units over all continents running their own breeding programmes, CRV is able to provide semen for a wide range of breeds : ‘Grazing Holstein Genetics’, Jersey, Ayrshire, Fleckvieh, Belgium Blue, Nelore and also Girolando (as a result of the crossbreeding between Holstein breed and Gyr zebu breed).