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For A.I. Holstein bulls above the age of 10 months

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International AI bulls: ask for genomic breeding values

EuroGenomics Cooperative U.A. offers third parties the option to apply for genomic evaluation of their Holstein AI bulls above the age of 10 months.

By submitting genotype and pedigree data, owners of AI bulls can benefit from the same genomic breeding values as the members of EuroGenomics cooperative (*). As of 2021, the breeding values of bulls going through this process will be published in six different rankings: Dutch/Flemish, French, Nordic, Spanish, German and Polish

Submitting data

Owners of AI bulls older than 10 months old can submit bull data to one of the EuroGenomics members (see contacts in Appendix). They will then receive genomic breeding values for their bulls. The fee for the evaluation of one animal, including listing in official publications, is €2000. The EuroGenomics website, www.eurogenomics.com, will then show the six rankings mentioned, all on one site.

Owners of AI bulls can also apply for a simplified genomic evaluation on just one scale. This will result in unofficial (not for publication) genomic breeding values which will be sent to the bull owner by the EuroGenomics partner that received the application. The fee for this simplified genomic evaluation is €150.

As of 2021, EuroGenomics Members have initiated a monthly exchange, allowing breeding values to be published in EuroGenomics countries as soon as possible. Click here for the exchange schedule and subsequent national publications. The EuroGenomics rankings on www.eurogenomics.com will be updated three times per year in April, August and December. 

High reliability

The reference population of EuroGenomics is the largest one in Holstein breed with bulls all daughter proven across Europe. The official genomic breeding values based on the EuroGenomics reference population are the most reliable predictions of a bull’s breeding qualities under European production systems.


The partners of EuroGenomics invite every bull owner to participate and nominate their AI bulls for official genomic evaluation. This step will give farmers access to reliable genomic breeding values for domestic as well as international bulls.

breeding values services

breeding values services