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What is RZG and gRZG?

RZG (Relativ-Zuchtwert Gesamt) is the total merit index for dairy breeds in Germany, Luxembourg and Austria. Relative weighting of trait complexes is based on economic importance including functional conformation (feed&legs, udder). Health traits will be incorporated in April 2020.

What are the benefits of using gRZG?

Using RZG as selection goal will maximize profit of dairy farming

  • Balanced weighting of milk production improvement and functional (= cost saving) traits
  • Including functional conformation (exclusively feed&leg and udder traits)
  • Strong improvement of longevity and production

How to understand gRZG?

  • Relative breeding values including RZG/gRZG for bulls and females from dairy breeds (Holstein black&white, red&white, Angler/Red-Dairy-Cattle, German Friesians, German red&white Dual Purpose, Jersey) on German, Luxembourg and Austrian scale have an average of 100 and a standard deviation of 12 (base: all 4-6 year old cows, shifted yearly).
  • 95% of the animals within breed have breeding values between 76 and 124.
  • This means that proofs over 124 represent the top 2.5% of the breed

Who is responsible for estimation and publication of breeding values?

vit is responsible for genetic evaluation (classical, genomics) for 59 traits for dairy breeds from Germany, Luxembourg and Austria. Besides all Interbull converted standard traits 13 health traits (udder health, claw health, reproductive health, metabolic stability), young stock survival and a robot index are included. Official genomic breeding values are calculated on a weekly base and results are published every Tuesday by vit.

Where do you search for the gRZG of a specific sire? 

All official breeding values for all national and by Interbull converted AI bulls can be found in the data base on the vit homepage (bull data base – international & German bulls) including search and selection functions. Official breed toplists are provided, too.

Where do you find more information on German proof?





gRZG: 6 groups of traits

The RZG is composed of breeding values for 6 groups of traits with their respective weights

Press publication

Press publication: Publication of official breeding values on German scale by vit takes place

  • Weekly every Tuesday (genomics)
  • Update of all animals
    • Tuesday 7th April 2020 
    • Tuesday 11th August 2020
    • Tuesday 1st December 2020