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Two vacancies for Genetic Data Analysts at the Interbull Centre

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Exciting opportunities

The Interbull Centre is a section of the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. It has been contracted by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) to be the operational unit for the Interbull subcommittee and for the Interbeef Working Group. The Interbull Centre provides genetic and genomic services and applied research for improvement of cattle to a worldwide network, involving data from 37 countries on five continents. The MACE services implemented in 1995 provide the backbone to our services, but services have evolved and improved over time. A decade of genomic evaluation and selection in the cattle industry has brought exciting opportunities to the Interbull Centre (including GMACE, InterGenomics). International beef evaluation (Interbeef) is fast developing and is including new traits, breeds and countries bringing a myriad of opportunities.

Currently the Interbull Centre is in the midst of expanding its international datahub for pedigree, and phenotypic and genotypic information. We are already well advanced with new international genomic evaluations for Holstein cattle (InterGenomics-Holstein), and enabling exchange of genetic defects and genotypes for dairy and beef, while we are also exploring novel evaluation methodologies (meta-analyses such as SNPMace).

On 1 Nov. 2018, Animal Breeding Law (EU) 2016/1012 came into effect. With that, the Interbull Centre started its new mandate as an EU Reference Centre, assisting the European Commission and EU Member States in issues related to bovine breeding and genetics and performance recording.

Two vacancies for quantitative geneticists in an International Network

The Interbull Centre is seeking two quantitative geneticists to strengthen the delivery of genetic and genomic evaluations in beef and dairy. The successful candidates will join an enthusiastic team of 8 with backgrounds in genetics and information technology. You will report to the Interbull Centre Director and work with many research institutes and evaluation centres, and some of the world’s most renowned animal geneticists represented in Interbull Committees and ICAR Working Groups.

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