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The EuroGenomics rankings from December 2021 are now online!

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The latest publications (December 2021) for ICO, ISU, NTM, NVI, PF and RZG took place as scheduled in Spain, France, the Nordic Countries, the Netherlands-Flanders, Poland and Germany.
The EuroGenomics rankings now include 2,822 Holstein A.I. bulls from 10 months to 5 years old at the date of publication. Total Merit Index on the 6 scales have been computed from genotypes available in any official evaluation unit associated to the members of the EuroGenomics Cooperative.
Follow the link and find out Total Merit Index on 6 scales for bulls from Aberekin, Ascol, CRV, Evolution, Fefricale, Genetical, Holstein Austria, Masterrind, MCB Krasne, MCHiRZ Lowicz, Osnabrücker Herdbuch, Phoenix group, SRB, Viking Genetics, VOST, WCHiRZ Poznan and Xenética Fontao.
The EuroGenomics rankings also include bulls from AI Total, Alta Genetics, BOVEC, Bullseye Genetics, G plus, Jetstream Genetics, JLD Genetics, KI de Toekomst and Natural  having applied to the EuroGenomics fee system. These bulls are evaluated on 6 scales when application was done in 2021: Spanish, French, Nordic, Netherlands-Flanders, Polish and German. If application was before 2021, the bulls are evaluated on 5 scales: Spanish, French, Nordic, Netherlands-Flanders and Polish.The inclusion of the German scale was done after the implementation of a new fee system from beginning of 2021.
For more genomic breeding values on each scale, look at the following links:
Country scale Link How to search for bulls?
Nordic scale Breeding values (NAV bull search, Interbull bull search) and ranking Search International ID using only the last 12 digits
Dutch-Flemish scale Search by sire for breeding values Search International (ITB) ID: select country and add 12 digits
  Top rankings on black & white base, or on red base  
Spanish scale Search by bull for breeding values Search ID: country code (3 digits) + sex (M) + 10 digits
  Ranking: Look at "Catálogo Internacional de Sementales - 200 Mejores Toros baja fiabilidad" for international young bulls (without daughters)  
French scale Search by animal for breeding values or by group for ranking Click on 'more criteria' and then add International ID (breed (3 digits) + country code (3 digits) + sex (M) + 12 digits
Polish scale Search by bull for breeding values, select a number of bulls for ranking Use International ID with 'Smart search': country code (3 digits) + sex (M) + 12 digits
German scale Search by sire for breeding values Use International ID with 'Smart search': breed code (3 digits) + country code (3 digits) + sex (M) + 12 digits
  Top 50-250 rankings on the German scale  


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