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The EuroG MD: a unique genotyping microarray for cattle

EuroGenomics has made the EuroG MD available to European organizations outside the consortium. The EuroG MD is a unique genotyping microarray from which the design is continuously developed in order to include the most new and innovative markers. Since 2013, markers for several published genetic variants related to coat color, polledness and milk genes, but also those indicating disease variants like BLAD, citrulinemia and fertility disorders, have been added to the list of markers. The current version contains more than 45.000 markers allowing parentage verification and genomic selection in different cattle breeds, not limiting to Holstein: Jersey, Fleckvieh, Red Dairy Cattle, Montbeliarde, Normande, Charolaise, Blonde d’Aquitaine and Limousine.

TheEuroG MD facilitates genomic selection and the exchange of genomic information in the different cattle breeds.

For more information and for placing an order, please contact VALOGENE: orders@valogene.com


The development of the EuroGenomics beadchip is a joint initiative by scientists from research centers and bovine genetics industry companies (breeder owned organizations): Liège University (GIGA) and CRV (the Netherlands and Flanders-Belgium), Aarhus University and Viking Genetics (Denmark, Sweden and Finland), INRA, ALLICE, IDELE and Evolution (France), CONAFE (Spain), National (Polish) Research Institute of Animal Production, MCB Krasne and The Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers (Poland) and IT Solutions for Animal Production (vit) and BRS (Germany) coordinated by VALOGENE. EuroGenomics provides the most accurate Genomic base reference to cover services over 9 million dairy cows in 9 countries.

The EuroG MD beadchips are provided by ILLUMINA with the Infinium XT (96 DNA samples / beadchip) or HTS (24 DNA samples / beadchip) technology.

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