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SmartCow Transnational Access: Second Call for proposals launched

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The second call for proposals for Transnational Access (TNA) within the SmartCow project has been launched. The TNA calls makes available cattle research facilities of SmartCow partners for research by acaqdemic of industry colleagues from other (mainly EU) countries. There are 18 research installations in seven countries, covering a range of cattle types managed in diverse husbandry and feeding systems. They include the most advanced animal science technologies applied to cattle in the fields of nutrition, physiology, ethology and animal husbandry. 

More information about the TNA call can be found here: http://www.smartcow.eu/call-for-proposals/

The deadlines for the second TNA call are as follows

- First stage application: June 30, 2019

- Second stage application: September 30, 2019

Applications must be made online through the submission portal: https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/stages/1162/submission

What is SmartCow?

SmartCow integrates key European cattle research infrastructures to promote their coordinated use and development and thereby help the European cattle sector face the challenge of sustainable production. Covering all the relevant scientific fields and the diversity of cattle types and production systems, SmartCow will provide the academic and private research communities with easy access to high quality services and resources. These are needed to develop innovative and ethical solutions for efficient use of animal and feed resources that promote animal welfare and healthy livestock, as well as sustainable competitiveness. EuroGenomics is a stakeholder in the SmartCow project. 

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