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What is NVI and gNVI?

The NVI for “Production and Functionality” is the total merit index that is used in the Netherlands and Flanders for ranking bulls according to the national breeding goal.

What are the benefits of using NVI?

Using NVI in your breeding programme will lead to:

  • Improvement of production and longevity;
  • Lower culling rates, which means fewer replacements and thus a higher income;
  • More fertile and healthier cows, which will have a positive effect on income and consumer acceptance.

How to understand NVI?

  • 95% of the Holstein animals evaluated in the Netherlands-Flanders have breeding values between -170 and +170.
  • This means that bulls with a proof over 170 represent the top 2.5% of the breed.
  • Breeding values on the Dutch scale have an average of 0 and a genetic standard deviation of 85.

Who is responsible for estimation and publication of breeding values?

CRV is computing genomic breeding values on a weekly basis, for more than 60 traits. In addition to the traits included into gNVI, CRV has developed genomic evaluation for urea, lactose yield, hoof health, ketosis, calf survival, feed Efficiency, and automatic milking traits (Robot efficiency + Robot milking interval + Habituation of heifers). Genetic Evaluation Sires (GES) is responsible for the publication of breeding values for sires in the Netherlands and Flanders. The estimation of breeding values is based on data collected from cows in the Netherlands and in Flanders.

Where do you search for the NVI of a specific sire?

You can search CRV sire database for information on breeding values by proving a (partial) name, bull code or valid ID number on CRV official website.

You can find toplists (GES breeding values) for Holstein Black and White as well as for Holstein Red and White bulls on: https://www.crv4all-international.com/find-bull

Where do you find more information on Dutch proof?




gNVI: 6 groups of traits

The NVI is composed of breeding values for 6 groups of traits with their respective weights:



Press publication:

Press publication of the GES breeding values takes place on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 4th of April 2018
  • Wednesday 8th of August 2018
  • Wednesday 5th of December 2018