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What is PF and gPF?

The PF for “Production and Functionality” is the total merit index that is used in Poland for ranking bulls according to the Polish breeding goal. As soon as genomic information is available, gPF can be computed.

What are the benefits of using gPF?

gPF is a breeding goal that aims for Production and Functionality. In 2014, weights for particular traits was changed and the breeding value for longevity was added.

How to understand gPF?

  • 95% of the bulls of the Holstein animals evaluated in Poland have breeding values between 80 and 120. This means that bulls with a proof over 120 represent the top 2.5% of the breed.
  • Breeding values on the Polish scale have an average of 100 and a genetic standard deviation of 10.

Who is responsible for estimation and publication of breeding values?

The National Research Institute of Animal Production in Kraków-Balice is collaborating with the universities of Wroclaw and Olsztyn to compute genomic breeding values, on a monthly basis. The National Research Institute of Animal Production in in Kraków-Balice is also responsible for the offical publication of national and international breeding values.

Where do you search for the gPF of a specific sire?

gPF and all other breeding values calculated by the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Kraków-Balice can be found on the official website.

Where do you find more information on Polish proofs?




gPF: 5 groups of traits

The gPF is composed of breeding values for 5 groups of traits with their respective weights:



Press publication

Press publication of the Polish and Interbull breeding values takes place 3 times a year on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 4th of April 2018
  • Wednesday 8th of August 2018
  • Wednesday 5th of December 2018